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Dovah Design

Featured Projects Propmaker

Eivor’s Thor Armor

Eivor’s Thor Armor

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Gimli’s Helmet

Gimli’s Helmet

Lord of the Rings

Artorias the Abysswalker

Artorias the Abysswalker

Dark Souls

Drem Yol Lok!

I’m Sam Geist (she/her), a professional cosplayer, artist, and propmaker based in sunny Central Florida, USA. I have been cosplaying and making props since 2014, when I was inspired to start by famous prop artists and my favorite video game, Skyrim. I now own and operate my own business selling handmade resin artwork, commissioned props and cosplay, and making professional cosplay appearances nationwide.

I’m currently available for corporate commissions and convention appearances!

About Dovah Design  Hire Me

Propmaker Samantha Geist, smiling at the camera holding a raw cast of the hilt of Artorias' Greatsword in April 2019, atop a bright purple background.

Latest Updates from Dovah Design

Wearable dragon skull helmet prop posed to the right at a 3/4 angle on a gray mannequin in front of a black background.

My Favorite Cosplay Mold Making Materials

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Cosplay Mold Making Beginnings When I began cosplaying in 2014, cosplay mold making seemed like a mysterious, daunting kind of maker-magic reserved for the cosplay elite.  Oil based clay that never dries? Resin that starts "kicking?" Tin- vs platinum-cure silicone? It was all so overwhelming. And yet, the prop that…
Custom Blue Dragon Pauldron. An armored shoulder piece with many sharp, blue scales adorning a silver base.

Nerd Caliber Interview: Cosplay Pauldrons

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This month, I was invited by Nerd Caliber Magazine to discuss each individual cosplay pauldron I've made over the years. In it, I discuss the various techniques used to make pauldrons for my Skyrim, Diablo Cusader, Snow White Knight, and more! Check out the interview below! 👇 I've also included…
Darth Revan helmet prop from the front on a black background, centered over a purple "diagram" background with vector patterns.

Darth Revan Helmet — Free Star Wars Cosplay Pattern!

| Tutorials | One Comment
While Sci-Fi has never really been "my genre of choice," there has always been a sprinkle of fantasy about the Star Wars franchise that has grabbed me. From the ultimate battle of light versus dark to the nuances of it's sharp-tongued female warriors, Star Wars makes for a truly fantastic…
Skyrim Ancient Nord Armor, Dovah Design walking across the stage during the Friday Night Costume Contest (FNCC) during Dragon Con 2014.

Cosplay Contest 101: What to Expect When Competing with Cosplay

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Cosplay Contest 101 It's May again and my home town convention — MegaCon — is right around the corner. Typically I attend MegaCon with the sole purpose of competing in the cosplay contest. The Slytherin in me finds a thrill in being on stage and showing off the hard work…

Darth Revan's Helmet

PDF pattern for making your own cosplay helmet


Masquerade Masks

Handmade resin masquerade masks in various styles



White, Red, and Orange sign soapstones, inspired by Dark Souls